Welcome to the website for all the TG content I've made for the world. I've made two tongue in cheek transgender adventure games, an animation about a TG ray gun and a handful of captions. I've just updated the site for the first time in several years, adding Prince Dickless and my youtube video.

WARNING: Games and animations on this site deal with content of a sexual nature. There's nothing pornographic and it's all tongue in cheek, but it's probably not suitable for people under 18.

Prince Dickless is my second Transgender adventure game, much more crass and sexual than the first. I made it in a month for the TFGamessite 2012 Halloween Competition, so it's even more low budget than Femspray. It's the story of a prince on a quest to save his princess lightly mocking bdsm erotica along the way. Inspired by stories like Denver's Xor series and the kind of fiction you find at the Eunuch Archive.

Warning. Contains: Sex, Bestiality, Animal transformations, Nudity, Castration, Penectomy, Lesbian witches, Playboy bunnies, real bunnies, Mock-erotica, gender-bending and lots more puns.



Femblast 5000 is an animation I made for fun. I just used MS Paint and Powerdirector.  

Femspray is a point & click adventure game (in the style of Monkey Island, Gabriel Knight, Broken Sword...that sort of thing). It’s made with AGS(Adventure Game Studio) which is a fantastic free program by Chris Jones for making adventure games.

You play Stephen Bishopson, a man who's almost (but not quite) finished his training as a secret agent, on a quest to thwart an evil doctor's plans to turn the entire male population of the world female.

With multiple endings, vibrant music and a host of quirky puzzles, although I'm slightly biased, I think this game's a lot of fun.

It's got lots of nudity, some sexual bits, loads of gender swapping and lots of humour too; So if any of these things offend (especially the last one), or you're a little on the young side (under 18) then this probably isn't for you (but you can use your own discretion). 

So without further ado, please download Femspray here:

Femspray.zip Femspray.zip
Size : 3647.73 Kb
Type : zip

If you have any comments (good or bad) or questions of any kind, please feel free to e-mail me or comment below.



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